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Charles the Third. Three daughters. Cathy, Chrissy, Alexandra, Caitlin, three out of four women with 'C' names in this family! Lots of C's and lots of 3's in our lives. So it seemed natural to call our business 'C Three Photography'! We specialize in weddings and engagements only. Our mind-set, education, workflow, etc., all revolve around couples.


We pride ourselves in being a fun addition to your day. We are great at our craft, but are far from being stuffy artists. Our core philosophies include:


  • Be an asset to the couple... before, during and after the event
  • Making the event better because we were there
  • Always having multiples of every piece of equipment during and after the event to eliminate failure issues
  • Always making sure that the couple gets the 'photographic product' that is right for them and not just some collection of options that is listed on a price list


You can be confident in us and our product. Even though we have decades of experience, we never stop learning and keeping up with all of the latest trends and technologies. We have married off three daughters. We know both sides of the camera, the budget, the stress, the excitement. We are passionate about capturing your day.


Some things that we do differently:

*We have a dedicated album designer on staff. Every album starts from scratch. No templates here!

*We attend the ceremony rehearsal

*We'll ride the limo for those party shots

*We only photograph wedding events and engagements

*Two photographers always


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