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One of our philosophies is that every couple should get the photographic product that is right for them and their event. If you email us, we will start by sending you the pricing of our most popular collections of options. From there, we can tailor every aspect of the options so that you aren't paying for too much or too little. A call or a meeting will allow us to discuss the timeline of the day and put pricing into the context of your event. That's when the price list will make sense. Think of it this way... you walk into a Chevy dealer and ask them how much their cars are. In one corner is a Cruze for twenty thousand and in the other corner is a Corvette for eighty-five thousand. And in the middle are lots of price points for various models. Without some discussion to determine what your needs are... picking a car purely on price is not the way to go about it. Discussing your needs and wants and then over-laying the price list on the discussion, will put things into perspective.

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